Friday, April 20, 2012

A new direction in music [The Dodo Project]

Side 1

Side 2

I really have to say it's the best thing I have heard in ages.
The really great thing too about this it's FREE, no copyright infringement...Nice! :-)

A new direction in music The ‘DoDo Project’ is a complete performance of Aimee Mann’s 2000 Album Bachelor No. 2 or the Last Remains Of The Dodo, put together by Ymaginatif and Maceo in the first four months of 2012. Ymaginatif recorded guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals at home (at moments when the baby was asleep), and sent the masters to Maceo who then provided some more vocals and took care of mixing and valuable post-production (also at home and at moments when the baby was asleep). The result is a wildly varied and out-of-character album (Ymaginatif’s second virtual album), purely for your entertainment and in honour, not only of Aimee Mann’s superb lyrics and song-writing, but also of (and its creator) for providing the playground of the people involved.

Feel free to share.....:-)

Not available on iTunes....only on yTunes!!!

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